Visual notes from PFFP Community Roundtable, art by Abby VanMuijen

Our project seeks to address the fractures and inequities in our food system by building a participatory, community-led process to design a ‘People’s Food and Farm Bill’ that will create a public funding mechanism and establish a regional governmental entity for food that will be accountable to Bay Area residents. In early 2020, we were funded to do a feasibility analysis on if it was possible to create a new regional governance agency for food systems. After concluding that this was a very real possibility, we moved into the second phase of this work, which is to develop a participatory, community-led Vision for what a just, sustainable, and thriving food system can look like. We were awarded a USDA Regional Food Systems Partnership Grant for this Vision-building, which has three objectives:

(1) Develop a diagnosis and grounded understanding of the regional food system that will be communicated to the general public and allow them to be informed in the Vision building

(2) Have a broad and inclusive Vision building process that centers marginalized communities and food system workers that are often not included in these processes and who are most discounted by our current food system

(3) Build coalitions and political power that can be leveraged for a campaign that will be launched in the following phase.

Map of Native Bay Area historical language areas, adapted from Linda Yamane's, "A Gathering of Voices: The Native Peoples of the Central California Coast." Demographic data for each of the nine Bay Area political counties provided by the Bay Area Equity Atlas, 2019.