The PFFP Research Team produced the following materials to develop a grounded understanding of the current and historic realities of the SF Bay Area food system. The research emphasizes underrepresented communities and voices that are not often represented in more conventional food system analyses of the region. The Research Team includes members from UC Berkeley and Stanford University. All materials were reviewed and approved by the Organizing Team and the Steering Committee.

This report serves as a review of the current health of the regional food system and the history of how we got here. It aims to serve as a platform from which to launch community discussions to identify specific strategies that can move us toward a more just, equitable, healthy and resilient food system. We are approaching this report using the framing of a medical diagnosis to understand and try to improve the health of the Bay Area food system – defined as a collaborative network that integrates food production, processing, distribution, food service, retail, and waste management. The medical diagnosis process focuses not just on what ailments exist in a human body, but also on the historical, environmental, and systemic effects that caused these conditions. We use this same process in our diagnosis of the health of the regional food system. Our intention is that active and engaged residents in the Bay Area can use this report to advance planning, policy, and practice towards a food system that truly supports our communities and our ecosystems.

We have created an open-access, online database of SF Bay Area food system work that has been produced over the past 20 years. The database includes over 170 different reports, articles, blogs and more. We prioritized 80 of these documents in our Annotated Bibliography below.

The annotated bibliography is intended to support the PFFP participatory community visioning process. The reference materials herein were identified through a literature review of peer-reviewed, white, and grey literature, as well as blogs, online videos, and online articles, that focus on assessments of the Bay Area food system as a region or in specific locales. The major intention of this review is to synthesize previous and existing visions and recommendations that have been put forward for the regional food system.