Visual notes from PFFP Community Roundtable, art by Abby VanMuijen

Organizing Team

The Organizing Team facilitates and implements the People’s Food and Farm Project. The team bridges expertise in regional urban and rural geographies, as well as public, private, academic and nonprofit sectors. We have specialists in agroecological farming, food distribution, food access, food justice, policy, economics, community resilience, people-powered coalition building and facilitation, and public health.

Members of the Organizing Team:

Much gratitude for past members of the Organizing Team!

  • Samir Doshi (formerly Stanford University)

  • Jennifer Sowerwine (UC Agriculture & Natural Resources/UC Berkeley)

  • Julian Mocine-McQueen and Kristin Rothballer (Center for Whole Communities)

  • Aitran Doan, Eva Farah, Colin Miller, and Marybelle Tobias (Environmental Justice Solutions)

  • Kaori Nagase (formerly 50+1 Strategies)

  • Michael Meehan (Santa Clara County Dept. of Planning)

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides accountability for the project and its workers. We are a group of community advisors that represent different food system expertise, geographies, and communities in the Bay Area. This Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Vision for the People’s Food and Farm Project in the Bay Area will be participatory and community-led.

Leading members:


Continued thanks to past Steering Committee members!

Project Partners